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The StackedLayoutStrategy class arranges input fields of an AutoFormPanel in a single vertical column. All input fields occupy the full width of the form, and the StretchMode property of field definitions is ignored. If a field definition has a NewLine property set to true, then a horizontal spacer is inserted after the field. By default this is a thin horizontal line - see the Events section below for details on how to customize this.


public FieldLabelPositionType FieldLabelPosition { get; set; }
Sets or returns a value indicating where field labels should be in relation to their associated input control. Possible values are Left (the default) and Above.


public event StackedLayoutSpacerRequiredEvent SpacerRequired { add; remove; }
This event is fired when the StackedLayoutStrategy class encounters a field definition whose NewLine property is true. This event provides an opportunity to customize the type of control used as the spacer.
The event handler is passed an instance of StackedLayoutSpacerRequiredEventArgs, and should set the SpacerControl property of that instance to the required spacer control. To use the default (thin horizontal line), return null.

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