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The AutoFormPanel control acts as a placeholder for your data entry form. Input controls and labels are arranged inside an AutoFormPanel at run-time when the control is created. AutoFormPanel doesn't operate on its own, though - it needs at least one other associated object (LayoutStrategy) and usually a second (ModelObjectDefiner) to build a list of field definitions.


public FieldDefinitionList FieldDefinitionList { get; }
Holds a reference to an instance of FieldDefinitionList. This contains the BaseFieldDefinition-descendant objects that define the fields of the form and is filled by the ModelObjectFormDefiner.

public ILayoutStrategy LayoutStrategy { get; set; }
Holds a reference to an object that implements ILayoutStrategy. This object is responsible for arranging input controls - it creates a container object, fills it with controls and places that container in the AutoFormPanel. The library currently has two available layout strategies - GridLayoutStrategy and StackedLayoutStrategy.

public ModelObjectFormDefiner ModelObjectFormDefiner { get; set; }
Holds a reference to an instance of ModelObjectFormDefiner. This object is responsible for creating the list of field definitions for a model object and placing the results in the FieldDefinitionList property.

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