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Using AutoForm

Basic Usage - describes simple ways of using AutoForm
Customizing Field Definitions - how to change field definitions once they have been created
Creating new Field Definitions - how to create a new field definition object for your own or a third-party input control
Creating Layout Strategies - how to create new layout strategy classes which arrange controls in new ways
Roadmap - planned features
WPF Toolkit Library - support for WPF Toolkit Community Edition


AutoFormPanel - acts as a placeholder for your data entry form.
ModelObjectFormDefiner - builds a list of field definition objects from the writeable properties of a model object
GridLayoutStrategy - lays out input controls in a grid, with a definable number of columns
StackedLayoutStrategy - lays out input controls in a vertical stack
FieldDefinitionRegistry - maintains a registry of what field definition types are used for what property types
FieldDefinitionList - holds a list of BaseFieldDefinition-descended objects

Field Definition Classes

BaseFieldDefinition - base class for field definition classes
CalendarFieldDefinition - creates a calendar control for editing DateTime properties
CheckBoxFieldDefinition - creates a CheckBox control for editing boolean properties
ComboBoxFieldDefinition - creates a ComboBox control
CommandButtonFieldDefinition - creates a Button bound to an ICommand property
DateFieldDefinition - creates a DatePicker control for editing DateTime properties
DialogFieldDefinition - Creates a read-only TextBox and associated action button
FilePickerFieldDefinition - creates a TextBox control with associated "choose file" button
FloatFieldDefinition - creates a TextBox for editing float properties
HeaderFieldDefinition - creates a static text header for use as a separator
IntegerFieldDefinition - creates a TextBox for editing integer properties
IntegerSliderFieldDefinition - creates a Slider control for editing integer properties
IntegerSpinnerFieldDefinition - creates a TextBox with associated buttons for increasing and decreasing the value
LabelFieldDefinition - creates a TextBlock control
MemoFieldDefinition - creates a multi-line TextBox for editing String properties
PasswordFieldDefinition - creates a PasswordBox for editing String properties
ProgressBarFieldDefinition - creates a ProgressBar control
RegExTextFieldDefinition - creates a TextBox whose value must match a RegEx expresson
StringListFieldDefinition - creates a ListBox control whose items are bound to an ObservableCollection<String> property
TextFieldDefinition - creates a TextBox control


ILayoutStrategy - arranges input controls and labels in an instance of AutoFormPanel
IModelObjectFormDefiner - describes the ModelObjectFormDefiner, which creates field definition lists from model objects

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