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AutoForm.WPFToolkit Library

This class library project is included with the AutoForm solution, and contains additional field definition classes for many of the controls provided by XCeed's Extended WPF Toolkit Community Edition.

Using the Library

The easiest way to include the library in your project and make use of it is:
  1. Include the DevKnightlie.WPF.AutoForm.WPFToolkit project in your solution
  2. In the startup code of your application, include the following call:

That's it! The static method call configures the FieldDefinitionRegistry to use WPF Toolkit field definitions where appropriate. For definitions which aren't registered by default, you can configure them using FieldDefinitionRegistry, or by including them explicitly in your XAML markup, as usual.

Field Definition Classes

Here is a list of the field definitions provided - there is no documentation for them yet, but their use is fairly self-explanatory if you're already using AutoForm.
  • AutoSelectTextBoxFieldDefinition
  • BaseUpDownFieldDefinition (abstract base class)
  • ByteUpDownFieldDefinition
  • CalculatorUpdownFieldDefinition
  • ColorPickerFieldDefinition
  • DateTimePickerFieldDefinition
  • DecimalUpDownFieldDefinition
  • DoubleUpDownFieldDefinition
  • IntegerUpDownFieldDefinition
  • LongUpDownFieldDefinition
  • MaskedTextBoxFieldDefinition
  • MultiLineTextEditorFieldDefinition
  • ShortUpDownFieldDefinition
  • TimePickerFieldDefinition
  • ValueRangeTextBoxFieldDefinition
  • WatermarkTextBoxFieldDefinition

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