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This class arranges input controls and their associated field labels in a Grid control. The Columns property specifies the number of input controls that should appear in each row of the grid. Within each cell of the Grid is a DockPanel control - the field label is docked to the left of this, and the input control occupies the remainder of the panel.

GridLayoutStrategy takes the StretchMode property of each field definition into account - if StretchMode is Wide then the input control occupies two cells. If StretchMode is Full then the input control starts on its own row and occupies the full width of the form.

If a field definition object has a NewLine property set to true, then subsequent input controls begin on a new row of the grid.

To use the GridLayoutStrategy, supply an instance of one to the constructor of AutoFormPanel, or set the LayoutStrategy property of an AutoFormPanel to a static instance of GridLayoutStrategy in XAML.


public int Columns { get; set; }
Sets or returns the number of columns the for should have - this is the number of input fields on each row of the form.

public bool UniformLabelWidths { get; set; }
Sets or returns a value indicating whether all field labels should be the same width. If this property is true, all fields take on the width of the widest field in the input form.

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