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This definition creates a combo box, populated with a specified list of items. The bound property can be any type supported by the ComboBox control, including enumerated types. If the property type is enum, AutoForm will determine the list of options via Reflection, then use Humanizer to create human-readable version of each option for display in the combo box.


public List<object> Items { get; set; }
Contains the list of items to display in the combo box.

public String ItemsPropertyName { get; set; }
Sets or returns the name of a property to bind the Combo Box ItemsSource property to. This lets your model object provide items for the combo.

public bool ForEnum { get; set; }
Sets or returns a value indicating whether the combo box should be configured for binding to a property of an enumerated type. If this is true then the combo box items will be the possible values of the enumerated type (converted to readable form with Humanizer). This property can be set by providing a boolean parameter to the constructor.

Controls created:
  • ComboBox (ContainerControl; InputControl)

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